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Tue, Mar 2 2010

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The South Hill Recreation Way, The East Ithaca Recreation Way, and the Northeast Ithaca Recreation Way & Their Effect on Adjoining Residential Properties
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September 2009

by Town of Ithaca Trails Committee (Bill Goodman, Tee-Ann Hunter, Rich DePaolo) & Michael J. Smith, AICP (Town of Ithaca Planning Department)

This report documents the results of a survey mailed to all owners of residential property located along the South Hill Recreation Way, the East Ithaca Recreation Way, and the Northeast Ithaca Recreation Way. These three multi-use trails total approximately 7 miles and are located in different portions of the Town of Ithaca. In addition to recording pertinent characteristics of landowners and their properties adjoining the trails, the survey gave landowners an opportunity to express their opinions regarding the effect the trails have on their lives and property.

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