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posted by EliGRTC
Tue, Aug 6 2013

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Deed of Easement Multi-Purpose Recreational Trail Easement, 2009
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This Deed of Easement for a Recreational Trail Easement signed between the Camp Chase Railroad and the Columbus and Franklin County Metropolitan Park District outlines the relationship between the short line railroad and the municipal manager of the Camp Chase Trail near Columbus, Ohio.  The easement calls for a 19 foot wide right of way to be used for the multi-use trail. The Grantee and Grantor agree to minimize impacts on each others’ uses. Railroad will not interfere with recreational trail use activities, and trail will not interfere with Railroad activities. Of additional note, is the railroad’s right to require fencing along the corridor. The Park District is required to provide proof of $10 million comprehensive liability insurance and must name the Railroad as “additionally insured.”

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