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The Latest From Hill Battle For America's Transportation Future

Supporters of Rails-to-Trails Conservancy sure pack a punch.

Over the past few days, our hundreds of thousands of members and friends across America have rallied behind the effort to ensure that the already-decimated federal funding sources for biking and walking infrastructure are not completely eliminated by a disastrous appropriations bill amendment proposed by Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky. Sen. Paul's idea for a balanced and sustainable American transportation system? That "transportation" means only cars, and so the small pot of money set aside for biking and walking infrastructure should be siphoned into the already massive designation for roads and motorized infrastructure.

Your calls and emails to your Senators and Representatives are having an impact. As of Tuesday morning, there has not been a vote on the Paul amendment (S.A. 1742). However we are keeping a close eye on The Hill, and will let you know as soon as there is any development on this amendment which is being opposed by Americans across the nation.

However, a similar threat has arisen in the House, as Congressional Representatives consider a number of proposals to slash federal investments in active transportation.

These cost-effective programs provide communities across the country with the funding they need to build great biking and walking networks - to build healthier, more connected neighborhoods and provide affordable and sustainable transportation options for millions of Americans.

Please remind your Senators and Representative that a balanced transportation system makes good sense for America by clicking here and taking just a few moments to complete the form.



Posted Tue, Jul 30 2013 1:34 PM by Jake Lynch

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