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"Bad News Bears" of Rail-Trails, Good News for Ferry County, Wash.

Winners of the first-ever Rails-to-Trails Conservancy very unofficial award for Best Trail Organization Tagline: the Ferry County Rail Trail Partners ("The Bad News Bears of Trail Groups").

By the looks of it, though, these guys are in better shape than Walter Matthau with a Studebaker full of beer cans.

Ferry County Rail Trail Partners' (FCRTP) energetic director Bob Whittaker sent us these photos of trail volunteerism in action. When a massive windstorm brought down six large trees in July, it was up to the Ferry County Rail Corridor Committee to roll up their sleeves and clear them off the trail. Last week, committee members Paul Cribby, Madilane Perry, Whittaker and Bobbi Weller cleared the storm damage in the Curlew lake area of the trail--from Herron Creek trailhead north to the trestle that traverses the lake.

FCRTP's active supporter base is not only sustaining the trail but also inspiring future investment. The Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office recently ranked Ferry County's rail-trial surfacing project seventh out of 20 statewide projects, and number one overall in the public support and cost-efficiency categories.

To see why this up-and-coming rail-trail is attracting new fans from across America, check out the wonderful slideshow of images at www.ferrycountyrailtrail.com.

Photos courtesy www.ferrycountyrailtrail.com.



Posted Tue, Sep 18 2012 1:00 PM by Jake Lynch


Steve Anthes wrote re: "Bad News Bears" of Rail-Trails, Good News for Ferry County, Wash.
on Tue, Sep 18 2012 4:48 PM

It really says a lot when board and committee members get out on the rail trail and do the physical work. Many rail trails are maintained by volunteers and this is a great example. The Ferry County Rail Trail has the potential to become one of the premier RTs in the Pacific Northwest.

Nick Doyle wrote re: "Bad News Bears" of Rail-Trails, Good News for Ferry County, Wash.
on Sun, Sep 23 2012 10:58 PM

Keep up the good work you guys-I hope to get up there and ride your trail real soon!


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