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Transportation Bill Likely To Be Filed This Evening: Bad News for America

Breaking news from Capitol Hill is the reauthorization of the federal transportation bill is likely to be filed this evening.

It looks as though our earlier information was correct; that Congressional leaders have decided that walking and biking are not part of the American transportation system. This is very bad news for the Transportation Enhancements and Safe Routes to School programs, which require less than two percent of federal surface transportation spending to make it safe and practical for 12% of trips to be taken on foot or by bicycle.This photograph on the right is the Hot Metal Bridge in Pittsburgh, Pa., one of thousands of projects across America made possible by Transportation Enhancements since 1992.

The House spin on the bill is expected to be that highway funds must be spent on high-priority infrastructure projects that support economic activity - rather than bike paths and beautification efforts.

This Congress is telling you that money spent on bike paths, sidewalks, bike lanes and trails is "wasted." Clearly they are not paying attention to the fact that spending on trails and active transportation is the most cost-effective use of transportation funds to enable people to get around affordably and to improve health, safety and the environment. Clearly they are not paying attention to the 83 percent of Americans, and 1,300 mayors of our biggest cities, who have asked that funding for active transportation be maintained or increased.

What do you think about that?

Help us tell Congress this bill is not the America you had hoped for! Stay tuned to railstotrails.org tomorrow - we will be mobilizing opposition to this bill to prevent Congress turning America's progress backward.


Posted Wed, Jun 27 2012 4:57 PM by Jake Lynch


Carolinejh@gmail.com wrote re: Transportation Bill Likely To Be Filed This Evening: Bad News for America
on Thu, Jun 28 2012 10:51 AM

I'm a cyclist and a pedestrian.  I'm a retired educator.  Earlier this week I cycled to several car dealers as we looked for a new car.  


I sincerely hope you will not KILL provisions in the transportation bill that support alternatives to highways.  To do so is terribly short-sighted and runs counter to progressive, eco friendly travel, not to mention good health.  

Here in Kansas City, we are happy that our B Cycle program is about to kick-off.  The FUTURE of transportation is not the single automobile racing down huge highways.  It's time that we get into the 21st Century and recognize cleaner, healthier, more efficient and less expensive ways to transport ourselves.

George Helmkamp wrote re: Transportation Bill Likely To Be Filed This Evening: Bad News for America
on Thu, Jun 28 2012 12:12 PM

Please do all in your power to return funding for walking and cycling trails to the pending transportation bill.


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