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Fitness, Family and Fun With 'The Rail Trail Chicks'

A friend of mine started a "Fit For A Year" blog last month. The turn of the New Year is always a catalyst for people strengthening their resolve to get out and about more, eat a little healthier and work toward fitness goals.

The idea of documenting it all with a blog, I imagine, is to help keep her motivated and to be able to track progress through the year. It's pretty cool. She doesn't have any major weight loss or mileage goals; she's not super-fit or super-unfit, just, in her own words, "a girl with a New Year's resolution trying to get the most out of life."

Given that a lot of our work here at Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) involves providing people with safe and convenient places to be active, it was great to see my friend writing about the role of her local sidewalks and trails in her daily exercise routine. So I started searching for other blogs by people leading active lives and incorporating trails into their weekdays and weekends. Turns out, there are plenty of them.

One of my favorites was www.runningwiththegirls.com, written by Jennifer Boudreau, a mom in Maine, about running with her friends, healthy and delicious foods, and supporting the running challenges of other women like her.

Jennifer calls her crew "The Rail Trail Chicks," because they use the Kennebec River Rail Trail, from Gardiner to Augusta, for a lot of their regular runs.

"I have a group of women that I run with on the weekends and our favorite place to run is the KRRT," Jennifer says. "It's a beautiful trail that follows the river. We've had quite a few bald eagle sightings on our runs, and it's always a spectacular view. Part of the trail goes through downtown Hallowell, which is a gorgeous little community and is always a pleasure to run through. The trail gets tons of action with regular walkers, bikers, families, and runners, and it's a very safe place to run."

Jennifer uses the blog to keep friends and family updated on her running goals, to connect with other runners about upcoming races and charity runs, and, at the moment, to keep The Rail Trails Chicks motivated through the chilly winter months!

"We are actually quite bummed right now because we cannot really run on the trail due to the icy conditions," Jennifer says. "We can't wait until it starts to thaw again and we can return to the trail."

The Rails Trails Chicks have their sights set on a couple of races on the KRRT in the spring--the Gardiner Boys & Girls Club 5k in May, and the KRRT half marathon/5k coming in June.

It was great to check out such a cool blog about how this one rail-trail plays such an important role in helping American families stay fit and active. I'm sure there are many more like it out there in the blogosphere, so send me your favorite blogs on trails and healthy living, to jake@railstotrails.org.

Images courtesy of www.runningwiththegirls.com.

Posted Mon, Feb 6 2012 12:30 PM by Jake Lynch

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