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Met Branch Clean-up Attracts Diverse Trail Community

Whether it was a whole load of good karma, or just a meteorological fluke, the rains that had been soaking Washington, D.C., all week stopped and the gray clouds gave way to blue sky for Rails-to-Trails Conservancy's (RTC) Day of Service clean-up on the Met Branch Trail (MBT) last Saturday.

About 20 local residents, trail users, RTC supporters and friends of the MBT rolled up the sleeves and pulled some serious weeds, cut some unruly grass and generally tidied the place up. With summer coming to an end, this yard work on a section of the trail between the New York Avenue and Rhode Island Metro stops should keep the trail foliage tidy through winter.

Kelly Pack, director of trail development for RTC, has been closely involved in the completion and continued maintenance of the MBT. She says Saturday's event was a perfect way to continue building an active community around the trail.

"It was great to see the variety of people we had putting their hand up to be involved," she says. "Some people lived nearby, others lived farther away but used the trail every day to get to work. The trail runs right past the Catholic University of America, and so a few of the teachers and faculty joined us. It really said something about the wide variety of people the trail supports."

The NoMa Business Improvement District helped out with clippers and maintenance machinery; a few residents brought their own lawnmowers along, too.

As always, every good working bee needs tasty snacks and cool drinks to keep the workers happy, so a big thanks to Kaiser Permanente for providing food and refreshments.

Our friend Randall Myers took some great photos on the day. Visit our MBT facebook page for pics and more info about how to connect with the MBT community.

Photo courtesy of Randall Myers.

Posted Fri, Sep 16 2011 1:14 PM by Jake Lynch


Richard Layman wrote re: Met Branch Clean-up Attracts Diverse Trail Community
on Mon, Sep 19 2011 1:16 PM

I apologize for not coming... but the rains earlier in the week meant flooding in our basement, and I had to deal with that...


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