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After Storm, Roll Up the Sleeves and Help Your Local Trail

Whether Irene was a hurricane or a tropical storm when it passed through your state, the result was probably the same: lots of wind and lots of rain.

A week later, a number of affected regions are still without power, and emergency crews are doing their best to clean up an extraordinary amount of damage to homes and public infrastructure.

Irene was also bad news for parks and trails. Park authorities and trail managers this week announced many popular spots would be closed as they scrambled to remove trees and debris, and clear washouts from flooding. If you are a fan of your local trail, this is your chance to roll up your sleeves and show your support.

A number of volunteer groups are organizing worker bees this Labor Day weekend to help re-open storm-damaged trails.

In Philadelphia, the Schuylkill River Park Alliance, Schuylkill River Development Corporation and Friends of Schuylkill Banks are meeting Saturday morning for a volunteer clean-up along the Schuylkill River Trail. Workers will meet at the Race Street Entrance to the Trail at 10 a.m. on Saturday.

In other areas, trail friends are mobilizing on facebook and blogs to muster volunteer crews.

If you are looking for something great to do this Labor Day weekend, reach out to your local trails group and see if you can lend a hand.

Photo of trail damage in Philadelphia courtesy of Schuylkill River Park Alliance.

Posted Fri, Sep 2 2011 11:45 AM by Jake Lynch

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